Mantra for 2012 is “Simplify”

That is what I had planned to name my blog, but the name was already taken. So it became simplify2012.  I am still working on my bedroom, because I have no idea where to store all the paperwork and books I had in this room. Looks like I have to go through each piece of paper NOW and decide on the spot what to do with it.

I ended up working in my living room after my post yesterday. That room already is pretty minimalist, but I managed to remove about half of the books. They are all boxed up, sitting in my garage for my upcoming garage sale in march. (If I am off a weekend in march that is).

Once I will be done, I will post some pictures. I should have taken some before pictures. Maybe I have some on some of the SD cards ? I will check that out some time soon.

So the plane for 2012 is to simplify my space ( one room at a time) and my life. I hope to recover more time for myself, friends and my passions by letting go of stuff.

So back to plan A. I should have mentioned that I work in 20 minute intervals.  For some reason you can get the most out of me while I am talking on the phone. 🙂  Simplify & multitasking in the same sentence sounds like an oxymoron.

My marathon to becoming a minimalist:

Questions to ask myself:Is the item functional, needed ( or essential)  & my  passion? Have I used the item in the past 6 months ? (Unless it is seasonal, than 12 months).

Simplify each room :what is it’s purpose ?

( Yes, I have books in every room (but the bathrooms). And I need to centralize them more. Probably into the living-room and the craft-room.)

Simplify bedroom.

Simplify MBR closet

Simplify MBR bathroom

Simplify kitchen

Simplify kitchen storage closet in hallway.

Simplify hallway.

Simplify guest bath-room

Simplify hallway closet

Simplify laundry-room

Simplify craft-room (will take the longest, because now the room is pretty much a catch-all room).

I hope I will be  done by the first weekend in march with eliminating all the “stuff” that doesn’t fit the terms : Necessity, functional & my passion. That way I have all the “stuff” ready for my garage sale. Time is ticking. I better get some rest.





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Just an ordinary woman saved by grace.
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